Onecimo Zapote Choc - Artist

Onecimo Zapote Choc is from the village of Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Guatemala. He has an amazing talent to envision things that have not been seen before, and then create beautiful works of art from the pictures he has created in his mind.

His spectacular night lights are a prime example of his unique creativity. Each nightlight is meticulously hand-painted one at a time. They range from Whimsical to Elegant and everything in between.

People of all ages enjoy his nightlights. We are positive you will too.

Onecimo and his wonderful wife Veronica have 5 beautiful children. Thanks to your support and other like you, he is able to send his children to school and provide for his family's needs. Onrcimo is a magnificent example of making the most of a Hand Up in life. Not only is he an example to his family - his positive influence is being felt throughout the entire village.

Thanks for offering a Hand Up to Onecimo, his family and his friends.
Scott and Kim Hosking

Additional note: We will be adding more of Onecimo's innovative works of art in the near future. You will want to be one of the first to discover his incredible 3-D Lamps and Accent Lights. These will soon be exclusively appearing on this Light-It- Forward website...

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