SAVE! 5-Pack Puc HybridLight

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  • Strong and durable solar powered flashlight
  • Charges any device (phones & tablets) using the built-in USB port
  • Charges a typical phone in about 2 hours
  • Super Bright 75 Lumens LED
  • Two 2,000 mAh batteries - latest generation, high-quality Li-Ion battery
  • Expands from 2” to 6” tall
  • 24 hours of light on one charge – using two internal batteries
  • After 7 years in storage still holds 90% of the original charge
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The HybridLight PUC combines durability, technology and ingenuity into one amazing light.

The two internal batteries provide up to 12 hours of light each. Once one battery is drained, press the switch and change over to the other battery for another 12 hours of use.

With its USB connector, you can easily charge any device attached to the PUC with a USB cable (not included). A typical cell phone charges in about 2 hours. You can charge the flashlight using the micro USB. 

If you have any issues with the product, you can view the return policy here.